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Wood is Nature’s Battery

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Storing renewable energy is one of the great challenges of the current age.  Until renewable energy can be stored reliably and in massive quantities, we are not able to relinquish our use of fossil and nuclear fuels.  There is no single energy storage method that can solve all of our needs, though electric batteries hold […]

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Modern Wood Boilers – The Benefits of Batch Burning

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What is a “Modern Wood Boiler”?  Modern wood boilers use sensors, such as oxygen sensors like those found in modern automobile engines, to provide real-time combustion adjustment with separate primary and secondary air controls.  Sometimes these boilers are called “lambda controlled wood boilers”.  Modern wood boilers almost always use induced draft fans rather than forced […]

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Wood Boilers- Tools of Evolving Man

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A Box of Water with Fire Inside Wood boilers control fire.  It’s an old story.  The ancient people discovered fire.  Hairy the caveman rubbed two sticks together and made an ember.  Hairy controlled his fire by adding the right size wood at the right time. Modern people didn’t like caves or living outside, so they […]

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Putting Pellets Away Article

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Putting Pellets Away article is located here. This article is a nice overview about point of use wood pellet fuel storage and is worth a read for anyone considering switching to heating with wood pellets. Several industry experts we know and trust are quoted in the article and what they have to say about wood […]