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Wood Boilers- Tools of Evolving Man

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A Box of Water with Fire Inside Wood boilers control fire.  It’s an old story.  The ancient people discovered fire.  Hairy the caveman rubbed two sticks together and made an ember.  Hairy controlled his fire by adding the right size wood at the right time. Modern people didn’t like caves or living outside, so they…

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Featured T4 Installation at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

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Boilers: Fröling T4 150 (500,000 Btu/r) wood pellet/wood chip boiler. Previously installed Garn WH1500 (177,000 Btu/hr) with a water capacity of 1,420 gallons.Thermal Storage: The Garn’s water capacity is used as the thermal buffer tank.Fuel Storage: 20’ shipping container modified for fuel storageFuel Delivery: Modified P4 cyclone (day hopper) suction device.Sold and Installed By: Sunwood…